Are you the test rider we are looking for?

I ride a z1000 in New York..

I prefer underdressed in the rain at decent double the posted..
I’m the rainmeister..

I also ride in snow and plan to run knobbies and spikes for this winter..

I need jeans without a thick rough cut ball spliter taint peeler..also maybe some padding for the bump of the day..a vent flap would be great..

Pockets with openings that won’t allow items to fall out..45 degree angles..

Velcro or zipper ankle areas to accommodate boots sneakers and allow leg venting..

Upper cell phone pocket maybe mesh or clear to allow for GPS or music..

A thin reflector pinstripe up the leg

What’s big in my town a shifter foot booty to keep our sneakers or boots oil and wear clean..maybe a snap and elastic under pant leg..

I have been riding all kinds o kawis for over 25 years and prefer the rain and snow..

Call me or email me I can get 200 signatures and emails in two weeks that will back my craze for two wheels..

Go Kimi with Ferrari in F1


This Fall-Winter season we will launch a brandnew motorcycle jeans line. Although they look like your next favorite jeans, this is not your average denim. The innovative features incorporated in these models and the way they are constructed set them apart from all others motorcycle jeans in the market.

These are jeans with REV’IT! styling and years of experience incorporated. They wear like a second skin but above all they will protect your own skin and keep you safe and comfortable.
The line consists of 7 models; 5 designed for men; and 2 for women. Various washings and fits will make sure you can find your next favorite among them. The jeans will be available in October at your local dealer. Read more about our jeans collection here.

Are you a passionate rider with a strong opinion and a soft spot for great gear? Are protection, comfort and style…

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